Solar System 3

February 5, 2016 is working on a way to charge their mobile devices wireless. That means you will be able to walk around your house and do what you want to do while your mobile devices gets charged same way you get access to wireless internet in the house.If solved that problem, they have created a knew way to harness energy. These innovation will go as far as cars and electricity in our house holds usage wireless. Just imagine that we already have wireless internet therefore, we can use same technology (satellites like system) that will harness power which is freely available from the sun and sends that through a system e.g. broadband and hence we get our electricity for house, car, planes and trains and many other usage. We can then Partition it for usage like we do to our internet.


  1. Laser beam: We can harness enough power from a source then laser beam it to a source that we can use.
  2. battery storage:
  3. Nuclear: Is pure hydrogen stored for charging or specific activities.
  4. satellite system: We have internet and radio satellites that sends signals to a receiver which are right here on with us. We can position a system that store energy and charge another right here with us. This method is good because the sun is always available but because our position to the sun swifts, that makes it difficult to have it at one point for the 24 hours.