Social Security The villi way

March 9, 2017

So we say that he/she is your cousin, sister, brother, auntie and so everyone has a connection to each other and that had became the spirit of Africa then. This time does not count clans, tribes, ethnicity and country border line just any Africa. Can you recall time when villages would call each other out for hunting, cultural celebration and cross tribes or ethnic groups. There was a time in our history when this evolve into children game where you call team of youth from other communities to compete or just challenge each other. Each of those has negative and positive. It is positive when there is no problem and many relationships are build and cultures were exchange but bad when accidents happen such animals attack groups on their ways back e.g. the crocodile attacks. It does rapture and can shut down relationships between people or fuel insecurity but at the end people will try hard to put the bad behind and continue with the positives. We still have those situations in communities where at list a person lost life to one of the other communities and the pains still lingers in communities but at the end of it all communities goes on and social lives won't any time soon hence for those who think social life has the goods on his/her side are always surprised. There was a time when clans fight to prove strengths and power it was a good determinant but the outcomes are not actually totally bad because people learn at least from each other and what they do remain themselves with is who are people and people have social cohesion and lives to live and nothing have ever done so. Just think the worst people or community you remember for the last 10 to 20 years, it is likely your interest or interactions have changed. When Souther Sudan opened her border, Northern Uganda have closer ties with South Sudan than the rest of the country but when there came war in South Sudan, the interest changed. There is a strong history to all Nilotic that they came from Sudan and others say that they are from South Sudan since the creation of the country but things have changed because improvements like national ID, passports people feel more of their nation than their origin. It is likely in the next 20 years of communities standards of living improvements, we'll forget our origins and just think of our nations. To add to that now, there is even search for wider African friends in other countries that means we become supper connected and meet each other on state or continent issues.