Smart Government

November 22, 2016

Over the last Ten years of a hunt of life in paradise they preached it, my life have deteriorated. I have moved backward in life base on my successes and living standard before I have entered this-my current phase of life.


Success is accumulation of failures creating experiences, skills, qualifications and excess. Success might be a result of failure however, it could also be lack of failure. The true meaning of success is achievement not failing at one area or the other. When you set a target to meet, have a plan, submit to work, their will come interruptions other times extreme at the end commitment will knock the strength of all of these.

The End

There is no physible end to anything being war, peace, conflict, poverty, wealth however, there is always a start and end to everything i.e. restart, end, restart and end ... Our wars of yesterday are peace of today, heroes of last decades are enemies of today, peaceful people of last centuries are warriors of this centuries, and our under developments of last decades is our developing of today. Nothing is permanent and everything is permanent depending on whose importance it favours or depth of understanding it is.


Our work was and is based on solutions not money hence, it was an insult to those we had it and a problem I now carry into my future. Remembering YEARS in YEARS, now is the time to hunt for money. Put all resources, intelligent and logical brain and work towards eliminating poverty. I promise you again, it is just a start to another achievement. Ending poverty is not creating jobs and based on our past solutions we already know and have the capabilities to remind and rethink new strategies.


Remember, competition is extremely a good and source of promotion of peace and peace existence. Competition fail on numbers, system lock, low culture verse high culture, depending on assistance, reduce mobility, limited choices and impressive system. Due to this we have worked hard and true that created so many resources and uplift people living standard. It is a dreadful war which created misery to my living standard however, built lives that will reign for generations and descendants to come-lives we would had lost. It is a negative phenomena on my side but, it is positive based on future nature of success i.e because I carry this burden, we, they and you have become free so comes our financial problems.

Note: I am not allowed to quote sources to my work because it has to be natural, idealistic, real and factual however, not source oriented. Trace the rest on our former work. I am just allowed to give this source and might help.

Smart Government prove others are electricity, phone and internet. Just the one that matter at the moment but if there come reason for we would.