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April 16, 2016

Discrete mathematics: Combinatorics
This problem(s) cause me a big mute. I choose Discrete mathematics especially Cobinatoric to help me solve it. I may not be 100% right, but at least I want to try and do something. I am going to use four most important part of Combinatoric namely, Rules of sum, Rules of product, sequence, and Binomial. Thanks for reading.
1: Rules of sum: If an action is performed by making A choices or B oher choices, then it can be performed A + B ways.
Let's think that a tribe has community with population of
A(Uminmadit) = 1,200,000
B(Nakwar) = 500,000
C(magi) = 450,000
D(Omi) = 120,000
F(Lodi) = 380,000
G(Gories) = 140,000
H(Peilwor) = 80,000
I(poki) = 420,000
therefore, Totoal Communities(A+B+C+D+E+F+G+I) = 8
Total population(1200000+500000+450000+120000+380000+140000+80000+420000) = 14,090,000 people
2 Rule of products: If an action can be performed by making A choices followed by B choices, then it can be performed AB ways.

Bad leader with the following attitudes towards the community

  • dominant leaders with intention to control everything and shut down growth
  • demorolising behaviours
  • setting confusion

Good Leader with the following attitudes towards the community

  • Building community for the future
  • encouraging people in their own strength
  • solving problems in away suitable for everyone
  • teaches others to follow the right path
  • Healer
  • Job creator
  • preventing community from harms

Using Rules of product
Good attitutes = 3*8 = 24 characters
Bad attitutes = 7*8 = 56 characters

Using Rules of sum
total characters(24+56) = 80 leaders that can confused or build the entire communities of 8.
3:Binomial coefficient: nCk (N choose K(constant))
n = total number of people
C = choose
K = constant(number chosen)

let imagine that for every problem or solution provided in the community, the result impacts people either bad or good.

Assumption: Lets assume that bad behavior is caused by only one of the community e.g. The poki community.then, the factorial (0<>k<>N) of 8! choose 1!*7! = 8*7*6*5*4*3*2*1/1*7*6*5*4*3*2*1 = 40320/5040 = 8 notorious leaders with bad characters.

Assumption: Lets assume that for each of the 8 notorious leaders all have all 3 of bad leadership characteristics and each bad characteristic affects about 12 people from each community of 8. Lets use sequence to help solve this part of the equation. That will mean 3^8 = 6,561 well armed bad characters ready for destruction. It does not end here, there are still 12 more people from the other communities who can be affected by this characters. Then this means we have about 6,561*12 = 78,732 people possessed with bad characters now ready for destruction. What if all this leaders have about 4 more people that they know in each community? Using rules of product, then that will be 78,732*4 = 314,928 people affected in the community enough to take one whole community down with them . The reverse of this is strong enough leaders to convince all the other 7 community members and be able to bring down the leaders of bad characters. They can turn all of them in to good characters unless they become silent and do not reject attitudes of bad characteristics leaders from expanding their powers. Imagine one of the 8 leaders of bad characters raised his/her hand to confuse the people from the 7 communities and the 7 strong good leader characters also raised their hands and voice to stop them. Good will always win, but if the number is opposite then they bad characters leaders always wins. The less people can also win if they have more dominant people while the more people can loose if they all have inferrior character leaders. Even worse if you think of this in terms of years.

Scenario: Without naming a particular leader, lets take two scenarios of leaders. One from the west and one from Africa. This is about what power a leader of a country has on people of her country. We are going to use example of military power. Lets assume that both of this leaders have about 1,400,000 military personnel under their command each.

Africa: a president, or prime minister, or chancellor chooses where their targets are for instance, one of the village is growing stronger. He deploy half of his/her military for a task there. Whether to take control or for his/her own purposes, the soldiers go and complete their task. Then that means the president alone has 1.4 million time leadership power. what if he has the bad characters, lots of lives are either save or destroyed. I assume this could be the reason why Africa have ethnic, power, power clinging, and one sided growing countries. To solve this problem(s) according to me, Military should be a multi party wing. That means they agree on word of the parliament, public, and a well signed document by several wings of country care takers.

West: In the west, before a president, or prime minister, or chancellor deploy soldiers for a task, their opponent(opposition) must know and agree to it. They do this true the parliament. All the parties sign an agreement or understanding of the deployment of the troups wherever they are going or whatever task they are going to do. By doing this, power of leaders in the West is divided equal to the number of people in the Parliament. Remember, the people in the parliament also have family and relatives. They will join in to either reject or agree to the call by the leaders. This leads to the entire country agreeing before something is done. I assume that is the why the west have clean, developed, and always growing communities.

In conclusion, For community(ies) to co-exist, all leaders should have one direction of intention and that is to make and build members and the community(ies) prosperous. They should be able to see suffering, needs, and wants of the people in the community instead of trying to solve their own egos. If you try to solve your own problems, you are going to have problem(s) with the community. They may not tell you straight away, but will be able to let you or your family know in the future. The sense and spirit of togetherness yields more good and produces better future for all. This work can go further, but I hope we all got what it means.

This is a personal work. It is either sponsored by anyone or directed toward anyone. It is an opinion of individual as a citizen of this planet. If you fall under bad one just try to see if you can change or adopt more better characters. If you fall under good one, try to help the other so we all become better people and citizen of this planet earth of ours. I might be one under the bad one too. If you tell me I will know. This work is under development. I do not support either west or Africa governing system, but tries to tell it in this scenario as I know.