Sixteen of us

May 13, 2016

The 16 classes of Us

Introduction: Categorically and naturally, there are sixteen classes of special people on the planet. That make each one of us identically, ideologically, ethically and humanly unique to each other. All classes are both bad and good to each other in a special way. Knowing what class you belong, might make you realize your potentials and possibly act on them and that increases chances of success. Our color, race, country, continents and number(minority or majority) does not determine our belonging to a class of people because its a gift that we all carry with us.

The real Figure: In actual sense, there are fifteen(15) classes of category of people because one of them belongs to none or all of all groups. They interchangeably switches sites if need be. Persons in this group are who I call LUMA(I have over written and spoken about luma. I won't explain it here again).

Assumptions: The classes we have now may not be for our life time because we can work our challenges and adopt our failures and that might likely make a whole different class or classes of human being.

Conclusion: We know who we are and where we belong because other people reactions and our responses to them. In most cases our differences are our strengths because each of us contribute to make a different-a different that equally makes us share, benefit, and uplift each other.