short cuts

June 8, 2017

In everything we do officially, there is also a back door to doing it e.g. education, profession, qualification and leadership such as police, president, army etc. Some dedicated people take 10 - 20 years to get promoted, gain knowledge to doing something e.g. engineers, designers and developers or just find out a passion for something. This is because the world have not made it easy for everyone to become who they want to become and excel for instance military and others just do not have formula or procedure into doing things e.g. constitution for all to follow or a document for the rest to go through. While they are reminders, they are also cost cutting because they avail resources and eliminate repetition. Short cuts could be opportunity, hard work, finding way to getting a head, survive or poor means of solving problems. Anything that causes regrets, lost of lives, poor products and is illegal is also a short cuts for which people lost direction, cause harm and promote hate. To become a president(head of government), in most countries around the world it takes a lifetime of skill because it is one job for the many citizen of the country and for that reason it is highly competitive hence many countries have social problems. Planning is important because it clears off doubts and show the door into another place of something for example plan to learn a programing language(e.g. php) or produce product from chemical mixing. It is very hard and you will find that it takes years to gain actual knowledge but if you plan that you will learn two hours a day after work, school or free time to learn php, it will become possible. This way, there is nothing hinting and it becomes a routine to doing things in your life. Instead of growing crops for food and generate income instead plan crops for food and plant fruit trees for income generation. Things that takes long to do, produce, learn and acquaint with yields more and excels faster. When we have things we look after and takes care off we will spend more time thinking their security than our own security hence we will have peace, busy lives and live longer.