Secret women and men

December 14, 2016

Why I hate secrets

A big percentage of our work is explaining secret bringing or enhancing backwardness. We have accumulate enough hate and plenty name callings however, those we thought through it know we have a point.

Causes and sources

Enmity, competitors, superiority and illusive percentage of people in a society causes and are sources of secrets but the real causes and sources of secrets are misconnection and conception of the impact on ourselves and the others we do plan on. A secretive person thinks they have the power to push their ideas and forward their problems to the society so their problem get solve and it leaves them free but sources and causes of problem evolves and always comes back to where it started.


My friend who happened to be from the opponent world was pissed off because of me and the only thing they knows about me is I personally hates secret news about secret women or men hence they told him my cousin-a cousin a like more than any person in my family or even tribe has a secret. Sad, because I also got pissed off a friend who I depends on was feeling down. Now, they had to a peace me hence they told my friend, his sister also has a secret child with their opponent(between Italian and French, I naturally like french people however, I am Italian educated so I am culturally attached to Italians). The problem escalated and later my friend who I thought like secret, to my dismay I found he actually secretly hates it more than me if it is done on people. The problem continued until one day he came and said, "I lost my Mom and my Dad is in a critical condition". I immediately knew about it as much as I writes about secrets. Later, the guy who was standing with me also said his sister is dad.


Death, job, employment, criminality, anguish, war and so many critical problems creeps in societies. The negative things about it is, it is either true because of revenge, outsmarting, learning, and expansion of our reach and knowledge about a place or situation.


A woman was running a retail business in the suburb I leave in, later, there was an Indian woman who also started same business however her business was booming. The white woman decided to incriminate her by planting drugs in her house and calling police that her neighbour is a business woman however she things she is selling drugs. Worse of, they found the drug and the woman went to jail but the Indian woman's daughter was married to a white man. They found out the problems and later I show the woman's business dwindled. I assume, she also got hook up by the police or family of the Indian woman.


Please, listen and i mean pay your fullest attention to secret preaching. it is real and it affect either way. Next time you know about a secret problem in your community, do tell them to stop because if you don't you will loose your own as a consequence of it or they both loose hence problem continues. No body like to be hurt or laugh about so are you.