Safer Africa

August 28, 2016

Bunga: We do not need to use to old age ideas to pursue our security and understand our environment and keep it safe. The world around us has evolve and so we need to play safe and logical. The idea is use less effort but gain big. What is easy today according to me is to adopt Camera system. There are all types of Camera available in the market that withstand whether and just gather data and information from a safe location. When needed you deploy task force or field workers to where there are problems. Imagine Uganda as poor as it is and as low as it is in terms of developement, social orientation and cultural division can manage to channel fuel pipe line from Western part of its country to the farthest East of Tanzania. That same trick can be use to wire our jungles and just have teams of in house, on air and on food to collect, monitor and guide the security of Bunga.

Water: Africa is large in term of land area and is blessed with both fresh water on the interior and the seas and Oceans around it. Those are our(African) resources, but are worthless without nurturing them. We need to make sure their is balance of use, knowledge about their activities and dangers they posses. What do we do with African deserts and Jungles borders me more than anything else.

Cities: I am not worried about city criminal activities at all. I have an in and out knowledge of its operation, but I am worried about system set for a city and who is in and out and who is where and why. We can use Modern technology like camera, but Africa is protected by its system - socialism.