Rwanda is playing us Smart

February 10, 2016

Rwanda has one body and two heads one looking East and the other looking central for social, political, economical etc integration. Rwandan Tutsi government of Paul Kagame destabilized the Hutu of Rwanda and tried to destabilize those in Burundi causing lots of lives. Till to date, they live life of enmity between them in Rwanda while Hutu are left in opposition. Rwanda now tries to play the double card of power and economical superiority and want to win on board sides.The benefit to them is they will occupy top positions in both regions and in the future do business with both regions while they lay the rules for the others. Their citizens can travel across both region probabily freely and that makes it easier for them to earn bulky money compared to the rest of us because they will be the leading figures and decision makers in both regions . We(East Africa) should make Rwanda decides if it wants to stay in central or turn to East but it cannot keep dancing for both men because it might one day cause a feud either within East African and flee central or in central and flee East living the other to clean their messes.