July 9, 2016

When we want to hunt, we put nets, fire and surround it; when we want to dance, man stand on the outside while on the inside of a circle facing each other; when we want to eat, we put food in the middle and everybody else sit around to have a share; when we have our leader in our midst, we make sure their are security behind him and people in front of him. Valuable objects are found and are said to be in the center of the others e.g min ki wuon(queen and kings) nquen, bee, ants etc. society, governments, country etc have one common and central thing that binds them together for whatever reason. The Luo have one important person that guides, unite, bring peace, teaches etc and that the people they Ruod. Luo do not have a queen leave a lone a name for it I know off. If you do please comment here. The question is why do we encircle(Ruodi). The reasons are providing protection, keeping togetherness, avoiding invasions etc.