Rule 2: Framework

December 16, 2016

There are real (practical) rules and virtual rules. The difference is framework-parmanency or concrete standards. Rules are makable e.g. policy, constitutions etc however, you can never bringdown bridge, ten commandments, culture because the originals are true and to make a concrete different, you are going to break down the entire set up and reengineer the whole thing from scratch and man! just imagine how much traffic, chaos, business break down etc you will bring to the society.


Internal competition has no different to colonisation. Asking me to come to my house posses danger, threat, and could result into deaths, conflict etc but let us meet at the parliament, coffee place, eating place, discussion rooms etc to discuss about our business etc gives us the freedom to think freely and create a healthy and progressive competitions.


The only way Europeans can help Africa is to meet them at African Federal Government house in Dodoma because then you have real problems to deal with and they are matured problems but coming into our communities with your NGOs and thinking you are coming to help us just make us think of our pasts harmful moments.

I am a western elite and I leave in Pacific hence white people should know I am going to compete with you as any other white person you know and I will always be open to point of views. Pacific people are going to own their opinion on Atlantic and because they too are immigrant continent, they are no different to us and have nothing to think we owe them a thing.

Abantu and Santu cannot be either Nilotic nor luo it makes both of us know that the only effective way we can compete is in Addis ababa because that is were union and regional governments had gone for discussions for the last 50 years. It is logically primitive to think competing has to come from inside Liquadi because it is new state etc e.g. South Sudan style just reminds us of the dirty things that had happened before us all. Acholi inside Liquadi cannot say we must rule Eastern Equatoria or Torit to say the least because they out number or have better potential for development than we do but we would meet in Kitgum for government issues. In the past we had foster relationships with Santu and Abantu and worked with as early as the 19th century so really nothing should stop from doing continuing doing it now.


We should allow ourselves into talking things out however creates an environments where my life is exactly as important to you as it is to me. We cannot be friends, alliances, governments when we are using positive to us while negative to them short of rules. It is sickening and we will continue to die if truth be said. We give them freedom as have we and allow them to expand as we are. My dream was to get etc now I have to power, strength to do so hence, I could take over all things and wipe all all my problems is just one way of misunderstanding and having big heart of self thinking.


I am you enemy and so does my friends, alliances, family and people hence I am to you as you are to me.