September 9, 2016

God punishes and that remains true all the time. How God punishes is what many fail to understand. We have religion which holds our Gods kingdom and we have those who disobey it then protest. Protestant are failed believer who were not able to bear responsibilities of their own leaders. Same thing in Paradise and animal kingdoms(do a research to find out). All living things compete and so is in paradise. The break aways are those we wants to own same system out of the current failing to understand that it is not just break away. If you do break away, there will also be another break away and such continues making mini problems all over. When that happens there is what is known as retaliation because of wanting to come back because they remember the good old days. Doors are closed and when you left the system is evolve and your problem could cause another. Pressure makes others do anything but resistance is the most modest form of withstanding all temptations. Temptation has punishment and this cycle I let you finish.