May 28, 2016

Solar is making it in our homes especially to people who have no access to the main grid. More and more people will be freed from bondage of electricity. This call for now thinking and concepts - we need our bunga back! For now our population is at its lowest therefore, it is automatic that the communities will work on population issues however, this also means having bunga is another disaster coming hence, we need to balance the two.


  1. Land
  2. water
  3. mountains
  4. valises
  5. people
  6. animals
  7. insects

It is a good a idea to grow bunga naturally. To allow the process to succeed, we limit human activities e.g. trees cutting, walking which disrupts the eco system etc to the design place. Our regional whether system is based on two seasons dry and wet. In wet season it rains and plants grow and their is plenty of water to support the living organism growth. In dry season however, it living things like plants evaporate water which leads to lives falling and branches drying. This does affect growing of living things in both good and bad ways. The bad effect would result in some spices of all living things including trees dying. The good side is; new spices is introduced into the colony because that allow free movement of things. Winds, water and animals carry light weight plants seeds or seeds in dry seasons to far reaching places. Animals like Omba/Ombaku brings seeds in their mouth to their living homes, insects mixes plants during flowering and dead animal yields introduces new warms which then matures into bugs hence, insects, butterflies and flies. Insects, butterflies, and flies also help pollinate plants but, they too can infect plants especially fruits.

We can speed or enhance bunga by allowing water into the design planting ground(s) in dry season. This reduces the chances of wild fire and increases the chances of growing of plants and attracting animals. Such activities can balance the eco system of the designed bunga environment giving nutrients for plants and water for animals.