Realistic alliances

October 17, 2016

Earth only rotates once every ten days. One side receiving light and the rest in darkness for every ten days. Innovation and technology has reached a maximum development and resources scarced. The differences in all high flyers and ground citizens mired. There is a strong competition for food, water and natural resources among all the animals including humans. Animals and birds have gained upper hands and are able to knock human because they are now able to think and reason like them. Not only that, they can communicate among themselves widening gap between them and human but closing on animals and bird world. Unlike all else, time has come where science has limit and technology is out manoeuvred. There is human colony called Bavarians, they are the only people on earth remaining with knowledge and experience capable to face altering and mind twisting problems of that nature. Every part of our world decided we cooperate and form alliance because our planet earth is so wide and the issues are so demanding. Out of all of us on earth, there are only three others that can help join them - the Jewish, Romans, and Helena. The is no one with extensive knowledge and expatriates as the jewish on building supper jets and can produce them in thousands or millions in matters of years. They are the first alliance good enough to help us solve all those problems. News came in that both Romans and Helena have already countered this problems before. They are so aware of it, but luck the technical know how which is available with Bavarians and Jewish. Bavarians have two strength, they can build an object that can withstand all whether conditions and can stay high up for generation that makes it easy for them to help study this case. They are also the only people who are connected to all things earthly e.g. plants, water, stones, etc. This give the Bavarians and Jewish a fare advantage and with the help of two others, this problems should take them one or two years to resolve, but thousands of people are varnishing every day and in two years we could loose millions of them. With the four, total numbers of people required are where not enough. Calls where made. British, French and Germany offered to help with highest qualified and skilled scientist and technologist at hand. There was need for the project to run faster and accurately so, having all people involve as one time is a confusing idea. Then, the groups where divided into two, Bavarians to lead the Best that there where then Jewish with the brightest that existed. First teams of both sides where launched and within one month, they returned and reported that the problems is fake and does not amount to anything. It was just a believe backed up by few observable evidence. It turned out that the teams where more caustic and problematic to each other than the birds and animals they went to study, hence, they have learned them and out wised them. Another big ground discussion has emerged and call for tougher decisions have to be made. Now, the people with the mind - Bavaria, Jewish and the other two must go themselves to study the situation then call for reinforcement from our planed. We(the world) was not wrong. They found out the problems as assumed then they called for reinforcement. How we tackle the problems was such a difficult thing to do. Oyo was needed to help identify the problems. Experience, skills, and knowledge spoke for itself instead the solutions where a piece of pie to them.