September 5, 2016

May truth be said, intuitive people are those that have the guts to face of anything from a view point and technical people tend to take it from evident. Seven years ago, we discussed about groundnuts and we concluded that based on observation, it has shell, nuts, and oil deep inside. Though we agreed that way, we also put it that the other side wants to show, inform, and educated us about it. We also said that, we reject those notions because we had been dealing with those truths for generations so, we really know groundnuts in and out. Knowing is not enough by any means because knowledge we may improve knowledge, expand our understanding and stress our minds deeper into things we already and create a new. These are reasons why we have so much break through(s) in our works and we have formidably passed our own limits and standard of then. Saying that should not make us think up high because our work is all around us and we no reason at the moment to do so.

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