October 18, 2016

We are logically and technically pared. How do we individually differs to twins pairs? At least twins have history about them at an earlier age e.g. birth, growing etc and events to remember. Originally, all humans beings are connected to each other e.g. geography, language, culture, race etc and that makes us conceptually same however, different in a lot of ways. What we eat, drink, do etc separates us from one and another category of people. Extreme experience change people motives and behaviours e.g. extreme hardship makes you hat fun, pleasure, luxury things because these group of people lives on survival because they lack all necessary and basic needs of normal people however, growing up in a family that has abundance makes you wanna have fun, leisure etc. Pradi is personal and so is your experience of anything you had gone through. People culturally, socially, economically etc may change because they worked hard on what is their problem and managed to fix it and had the chance to move on to the next challenge the reverse is also absolutely true in anyway, but what makes us who we are doesn't often change e.g. hunter, technologist, fisher who have done such job for generations is unlikely to change from doing that.