philip Okelo Pa Tuda

March 7, 2016

Philip Okelo I know
I first meet Okelo in 2005 on yahoo group. We were only two from our region defending and fighting for our people. That group was too powerful we approached them from different angles. For me I wanted to cause them problems so that th

ey can be busy solving them, but you decided we gain and still knowledge from them. The leader of the group asked for a website in 2008. I was in my second year of BIT. I offered to do it for free but the idea was so we can still there information and use against them. One of their senior politicians noticed and told them to be careful because she thinks it could be something planed. Their leader took the advice and we failed

miserably at the time. I later in 2009 meet him on Facebook. In 2012 we collided on land and many other things

We collided on three things with Nera i.e. land, history and names. We were both right but we have different logic to our problems. Nera idea was land is customary that means it is defended by rights and my idea was that land is cause of problems that means we need to shield it off our enemies. on history Nera understood it as a fact therefore, they should not be change, but recycled and my understanding is that history is someones understanding of facts. We can bend history to our suits. I thought it would be nice to add H to names like Okoth, Ochaya etc, but he thinks we would have wreckage meanings of names because those are what they are known as. I just think that we could bend them and make the others adopt it and teach to the feature generations.

Okelo has departed from us. Nera, I want to say, we will miss your absent a lot. As we know it in our culture, your absent depends on time to access your destination. You were a man not common by your like and different by your work, devotion, advice, commitment, historical facts, cultural orientation and abundance of knowledge you bring forth unto us. You avail them whenever needed and make them understood wherever possible. Your Idea of unity and seeing peace and the once was mighty but crumbling empire reign again hence both men and woman of the soil fortified for their “customary” belongings. You have done enough, but it was not yet time Nera, but may His will be done here as it will be done destined.