December 14, 2016

The illusionary understanding of peace is staying free from life threatening threatening environment, people, culture etc. True peace is constant work on things that threatens us e.g. development, climate, power etc. If our biggest and thing that yields and improves our living standard is irrigation system, loosing it exposes us to dangerously threatening situation however, all of us focusing on irrigation and depending on it as a system that keeps all situations creates loophole for our opponents to just witch or knock us out. Excepting anything because your condition is worse than the others while you know causes problem also threaten live of people. Over development of course creates deflation or inflation either way is bad to the social living standards of the people. In few words, always keep on eye for anything coming next and be free to share with the populace. We started off at fighting wars, but I personally feels we are getting back at war because we now all think we have everything and are totally feeling relaxed and free. Please revisit our past to compare now for the next world.