Pari 3

September 22, 2016

If you once had empire, kingdom, chiefdom, top leadership etc in your society, culture, country, etc you will always regain it back when you lost it. Major problem is when you cracked from inside - your people fighting each other. In only few decades, Pari has come off strong again and in many ways may regain Juba.

Juba: Many of you complains about Juba now especially the youth. I had been there myself and I walked that footstep. Nearly three decades ago(I was about 2 - 3 yrs old), Juba big businesses were still operated by Egyptians. In the 1980 particularly people before us remember the hanger, danger, in fights, etc happening in Juba. Anyanya one had just finished their battles. I remember going to the Egyptians' shops discussing and making friendship with with them during that. Many of them became my ultimate friends and even offer me any kind of food for free in spite of prizes of that time. I could speak to them like one of them and convince them like I worked with them before. I didn't have to do that let alone do I know what I was doing, but I have a feeling even now that I was working for my people and country. After that my family put me on a bike and dropped me back to the village without any opinion. I just found myself in the rural but caught up so fast and started straight away from there.

Sudan: Juba had been a city even before Anyanya. It was always remembered as a strategic place in Sudan. May I also tell you that, as true Africans you should be happy and proud that we have the current Khartoum government in office. Take a glance at the administration carefully, I guess what you will see is brothers and sisters now, not the Juwa abiet of the time.

South Sudan: South Sudan is now where we were After Milton Obote time. It was a time when we were cut off from central management system. You are left with guesses, no clear path, miss understanding and most time end up fighting and mind you during both, I went through them and I know what they are like.

Caution: Avoid thinking, associating, and working for money, earning big money, having a house, and owning things. You MUST think about what is needed to you as an individual then you can proceed to tribes and later government. Government should always be last on your mind. It is difficult to have a relative that asks for money, help, support etc especially to working members of that tribe than relatives who always work hard to defend their working men and women outside their society because doing that leaves the working with free options to what need be done with what they achieved. That way, you will always have security of your relative in your hand. Now, think exactly like that but put yourself as a government or government administrator. What would you do? Why not do it now?