Pari 2 - The struggles

September 1, 2016

In Egypt: With due respect, Pari were the very people who understood, developed, designed Piremit. They did so because of the knowledge and needs they had at the time. Competition kick in and because of pride, they could not keep up with their neighbors and took too much of their time not thinking about calling in around them. Not only do they loose Piremit, they now have to move the whole five countries. Something not just difficult to do, but might take centuries or so.

Somalia: In Somalia, the Pari once again came up with a totally new way to accommodate. They erected their buildings walls and floor by using sands. The was lost and emerged in cement industry. They also used sand for their roofing and trucks. They failed big again because of expanding the idea to the rest of Africa, they might have decided it was not worthy and paid no detail attentions to it.

South Sudan: Memory of the past was haunting them. In south Sudan, their was no such amount of water they had in Somalia. So, now what do we do freaks! They imagine that if you have Kut, you can dig a wang it and produce amount of clean and fresh water you need in spite of distance and content. They did and the result was outstanding. They had water that can now feed their dwol, population, and revive their bunga.

Business: Pari are not business oriented and they won't be soon. Their lives depend on daily bread. To improve their livelihood, they could connect their bunga, accommodation and wang it. We could not blame all failures on the people though some of their government officials were akimbo and stayed POLE(Kiswuahili). But first, they need to rethink from where they started and improve. Personally, my blame is on Juba government of the time because they didn't question anything but kept on Miel wiro bul.