Oyo story - how Adeng saved the village

February 20, 2016

How Adeng (Mickey Mouse) saved the village: The entire Oyo colony meet up to discuss how to find losses of their members and how they can prevent such from happening in the future again. Of course the reason is known to the whole colony ‐ its bura (cat) feeding on them. Ruod/rwod (chief) Ture told everyone that this issue had been there since the very beginning of existence of Oyo kingdom. "There is no solution to this kind of issues", he said. "We just have to live with it. If you see them run else you are the day's victim", he added. "No that cannot happen", Otole encountered. We cannot let our people go by while we sit here doing nothing", he argued. You might not know Otole wants the king's palace so bad but he just got beaten by size. The situation was turning into argument and getting boring because everyone was throwing in ideas that might not work. It also seems that everyone was so afraid of Bura(cat) as though nothing can be done. Adeng pop his hand up and asked for permission to speak. The Oyoo at the meeting burst into laughter. Others called it Bura madness, others called it Adeng moment. Ture said as a Ruod/rwod and leader of the meeting he is embarrassed of what is starting to happen. "Can we ask for real men and women to speak?” he added. Otole jumped in. "I don't agree with all of you people", he said. "Adeng has to speak", he ordered everyone. Ture has to give permission because the situation will escalate because he (ture) and Otole are rivals. "I have two alternatives to give", Adeng told everyone. "One is to tie a gong (bell) on cat neck so we can hear him when he is coming or is near us", he explained. "Eee! Adeng are you out of your mind?” ture wondered. "Who exactly is going to do that", he added. Everybody jumped in yelling at Adeng and others where calling him names like stupid member of Oyo colony that could be why he is Adeng etc etc. "and what is number two?” Otole encountered the members at the meeting. "Nyal...” he said. He could not finish the name because nyalu/nyalo means python and we all know that that is more deadly than cat. Everyone was stunned and no one was able to speak for a while. Otole as a friend has to step up again for his friend. "I will continue from here!! I think Adeng means let's make them our friends", he guessed. Everyone went ooohhh!!! Better. "It seems you two are getting better each time you two funny freaks speak ", some people yelled. “No! That cannot be", Ture encountered. "Adeng please continue", he asked Adeng. "I will do it”, said Adeng. There were so many questions thrown at Adeng. It was all getting scary. The women dived in and started singing Adeng's favorites and only song. Adeng matidi tyende ki ler (Mickey with his skinny legs)... they would wait for the men to join in, but men like Ture and Otole with their personal issues were quiet. The woman continued for about three time some men like Ondoro and opilu joined in. Remember opilu and Ondoro too has some personal problems but they are good at this time. From there the song was smooth.


  1. Women: Adeng ma tidi tyende ki ler! (small micky with skinny legs)
  2. Men: okwalo pul maro (stole P nuts from his mum in law)! Women:
  3. Adeng (Micky)!
  4. Men: okwalo pul pa maro.
  5. The song repeats as many times as you would want it be