Oyo Story - Transportation

February 20, 2016

Transportation: Oyo kingdom was faced with problems of transport. The kingdom launched a search in finding of its first kind. Otole decided he lead the project because Ture is a king wherefore, he deserve to stay and watch it unravel. Ondoro was clear, “I might have to dive and shorten the distance between all undulations”. “What about the men in suit homie”, Opilu objected. Adeng busted into laughter. That surprised everyone. The reason was clear, the freak understood the reasons why because Ondoro can dust in the durst. “What are we thinking now”, Ture wondered. “We are trying to find solutions to transportation system”, some yelled. Some in the colony tried to question if we could try to find some informations from some colonies like Winyo and Apyemwol. Otole just raised his eye brows to Adeng. Ture decide to shut the conversation down because all they are talking about are problems because past of meeting. Adeng Che have some ideas. I said that we could try to build something that many of us will try to push at one time. That sounded beautiful in the ear of Ture because now, we can all work together because together, we may do job in an easy way. Otole agreed and he added that we could let taller and muscleful people in the colony like Ture lead the way. Ture added that people who are taller like Otole can be in front because they can see farther ahead and that will help out. Adeng said, “Kingdom, we need a break”. “oo!”, Odoro recalled. Let us borrow some ideas from Ayita kingdom because they guys have something in common with breaks. I always here that a lot. “King, ying, king”, Adeng went helpless. “I can’t manage that”, he added. Women were stunned and looking at each other all wondering what to say. “Oye!!” Ondoro happily praised the kingdom. “kati Kuca”, Ture aggressively went.