Oyo Kingdom - Understanding Mworo power

April 1, 2016

Oyo realized they are giants in the world of Apyemwol based on size, height, number, creativity and kind of work they do however, they are not the most fierce, intelligent, productive, and powerful - Moro is. The question in Oyo Kingdom is, "what makes mworo different from us that makes them so superior?". Well, fact of the matter is, they are hunters, colonists, fighters, murderers in the most worst way you can ever imagine, learned to work in group and fight channeled battles and wars. There powerful weapon is their razor sharp teeth which pierce through leaves, stems, fruits, soil, branches and skins and hides. Moro other powerful arsenal is their persistence, commitment, and ability to grow mushrooms from other living things remains like trees and grass - a thing only done by them in the entire colony of Apyemwol. Imagine such level of intelligence! Moro are also the most brave of the bravest i.e. they can take on things small and big, fight them off and colonize their territory. Unlike others, Moro set themselves apart once they occupy a territory by changing the infrastructure to a style they understand, easy for them to live and adopt. Moro also taught themselves one fight for a win. That means when they do not win both the war and battle, they die in the fight(Just imagine). in spite of all this, Oyo dared to surpass Moro in the near future by adopting, copying, and learning living and behaving the Mworo way. Will Oyo? how? I leave that to you to find out.