December 13, 2016

ObibiBunga: Bunga is both a good place and bad place at same or different time. Good things are that it is diverse, free, peaceful, has abundance etc that can sustain, feed, heal etc us; bad things are that it has dangerous wild things e.g. those that bite, scratch, kill, eat, destroy etc. The worst/good thing in bunga is beast of beasts(luma) of it. There are measures in place to to keep beasts and beasts of beasts safe, busy Our body too do lwi because we have to many things that are stronger, harder, sharper etc than our body e.g. wood, stones, okuto etc. Try keeping cua in your mouth for at 12 hours while your mouth is closed. After that time, all the softies in your mouth will peel off(adakdak ware, pronounced, a ndak ndak). Some how in your mind try to imagine that our inner body system is not meant to resist what happen on us externally. I just blame it on our enzyme limitation. They could have acted strongly, multiplied in numbers etc to do what they are made to do to counter the burden.

Borrowing ideas: In about 1900-19... Europe experience some its earnest, time in her history. Some Eastern Luo especially in SEL calls it lost of the beast(s) meaning the people went against their instinct, direction, fail to act according their standard at the time, poor response and so much dependent on inferiority ideology. When that happen, they most time go on defense to counter the worst future - teach a lesson of what is to come in the future. One example of that was Adolf Hitler. He invaded most or all of Eastern and beyond Europe. The most to receive such is of course the weaker country in south of Germany(Munic) which became his base for a while then advanced to other countries including Russia. If that happen, their is what we call majority rule. That made it easy for the Mighty Pence. It was easy for Winston to convince the world that he was a bad man of Europe hence they must all unite and teach him their version of lesson. Not only did the world accept that, but the Germany themselves also welcomed such idea. Even to day, just do a Hitler stuff in Germany, you get an audience of demonstration marching in streets. History today tells us that he varnished(I still don't know where exactly). That should tell us that the beast(s) is the owner of his jungle because he knows it like the back of his hand.