Okello Oryema George

July 8, 2016

03/05/2016, we lost one Oryema known famously as Bye Bye. Bye Bye is a South Sudanese. During the war he lived in Khartoum and worked there for years. He then transfer to Ethiopia and finally to Australia. His was the exemplary person for near all generation from as far as 1970 to date. He was an educator, scientist, religious and most of all understand social set of human more than any body I know within and outside all people around me. He is my cousin in reality, but he was the man that I and all the others we thought to step up and work hard to become the like of him. He was ordinary but swift, complex, but calmly close to every one. Because of that he managed to finish his study and graduate with a degree in health science. Though he is religious, he is one of the scientist who believes and disagree with scientist who thinks they know God and therefore challenge and criticise Him. In a short time of living in Australia, he has achieved a lot.

My entire life I have not seen him and I sang about that and asked anybody I know where he is. God willingly, I meet him, greeted him, drove him in my car, talked with him, discussed and a lot more. It is all gone now and a huge gap is left for all of us to fight win. Not easy as it sound rather difficult and takes time to accomplish.

Okello, We shall always miss you.