Oil crisis 2

January 28, 2016

Price of fuel continues to plunge. To make it worst a beast(Iran) is released into the sphere. Iran was under sanction from both Europe and the USA and other major Western Power. As soon as her sanctions was lifted Iran chose to foster her relationship with Europe. Russia on the other hand dashed off from such talks. The price of Oil in Australia now stands at 90+ cents and I am hoping other countries like Canada, USA and others in Europe are at 90+ or lower. This makes it the first half of the battle. The battle won't end here. Battle of pricing to say the least will continue downwards to about 60+ cents and it will come backwards towards 90+ because of position of USA align to the rest of the powerful. China is working on a method to harness fuel from pure water, Brazil produces fuel from hydrogen(Kongo Atona), Japan is seeking its way from algae. Most USA companies are into electric cars and smart countries in Europe like German looks towards hydrogen and Italy have been to the top therefore, it knows its ways to get up there. It gets harder in Europe as it gets to Russia and it will get confusing when it gets back to middle East because spear head like Iran already has its position which is by far a bad signal to the USA congress. Israel is appearing more and more vulnerable as the conversations continues. For this reason they may back off and start the race from bottom to top. Oil is not received as well as climate change(dwoko Bura i lobo). Lets' watch as its unfold.