nyikic - Rucu

July 15, 2016

The worst thing for a dwar abuti for honey is when you get rucu(the pupae). However, it is also a good thing especially when it is during Oro(dry season) and there is no water. After eating that, thirst for water is gone and you have enough energy to move a distant or can to where water is(assuming one is closer by). There is one thing that had never been tried about rucu. Just Imagine that when it one day from hatching, rucu can stay for one or two other days without eating. Then it becomes possible to get enough of them straight into hive so when they hatch, they start work straight away. New family, home, and environment. That would eliminate the old process of making a hive then waiting unknown days for when a colony of bees will come into a hive. It would also be easy to multiply, transfer, and mix colony of bees a hive(s) from one location to another.