December 9, 2016

Fall of libya

If history makes sense, northern Africa where first in nearly everything Africans can do. We can also falsely say because they are at bad gate to Africa from namely Europe, Arabia and Deism. As strong as they were, they are now swamped and have no idea how they can become Pan Africans again. Libya an African giant how fallen and is at war. Soon Morocco, and Tunisia we get back it again. The spring was the pan power now they are swamped again. You must understand develop

African cities

ment not just see that you are developed. Building, good roads and railways, airports, economy is not a development until the people of the land have it and control it. America is a bad example of that because as they say they are the only powerful nation on the planet, who exactly is the American saying so? It is same thing in Africa because saying am an Egyptian yet just a fisher man-a thing anyone can do including visitors in the land does not make us pan African or state. Libya before the fall of Gaddafi had a social system so superior that even the west are angry about. Wait till you know the fact, he was in a western relationship yet behaving as pan African president. No African president should call themselves Pan African when you have a foreign woman because that automatically disqualify you from being a Pan.