Next thing

April 8, 2016

Technology rule now and it may continue to rule for some time. It was ideally replicating our physical world virtually. It happened and it ease our lives in many ways for instance education e.g. documenting, videoing, good tools for writing, storage and distribution of information and documents, gaming and many others. It did not stop there, now, we try to bring our virtual world to reality for example drones, robots like cleaner robots which helps us with domestic works, and autonomous cars, Rovers, bichola. What is the next thing if I may ask? I just think we are about to pop things out of our virtual world and emerge them to our physical world. That means we can have a car racing anywhere in the world and have drivers from anywhere in the world. They will either have a device connected to a single race car or connect online on their computer then play. We might loose paper cash and move to digital money. Try to imagine having your own pet but electronic one which talks with you, walk with you, and help you do tasks. They will think for themselves and act in accordance to situation. If that is to happen, I just need Oyo! What would you like to have and what do you think is next thing?

Note: World refers to human beings and things that surround them externally excluding their movements.