Next 2: Climate

December 18, 2016

Ever imagine living in continent or countries like Greenland and antarctica? I haven't been to those regions of the world myself but material and data collected have strong evidence and concrete information about the differences between them and our world. If it we can do, I prefer we go back to icy ocean world because it support multiple transport system, safe, eliminate piracy, reduce torpedoing leading to saving lives and improvement in stand of our living in our world. The consequences are temperature will become extremely cold and fishing business will become extra ordinarily expensive and difficult business. I see us fulling ourselves because we can make our fresh water lakes and rivers conserved for fishing and water containment. Cold water is peaceful than hot weather as we know it because we had produced a work on cold and hot world before. Cold world will make us busier and tasks oriented compared to hot weather which brings harms to our stored energy because it disturbs and destroy them in the process however, I grew up in hot weather I would rather be in hot weather but because of the positive world of ice, I prefer cold weather more than any for now. In cold weather water as a basic fruit of life becomes abundance and variety presence at our hand to honest for our daily use with limited resources. One of the things, I like about it is transportation that will come out of it and how we will travel and I am sure I know you too will like it. Lets go Icy world world.