August 27, 2016

Traditionally everything(Magwi ne) are named according to behavior, appearance, sounds, color, walk/movement, reactions etc. Let's find out why Puk/Tortoise(word), Opuk(noun), Opuki(exiting) and Okuto/thorn names has become so. There are two major categories of Opuk namely Land Tortoise(Opuk Ra) and Water Tortoise(Opuk Okulo). The Luo in general have chosen Opuk as a name just because they are always exiting from either water or jungle. They however, have a slang for them too - Oger. Ger was a challenging word chosen to in other word say, "they cannot build". Whenever they see Opuk, they caution them, "Build!?". It is another same as when you walk with your pet, you speak to like a human for that reason the Luo have ever been cautioning the exiter to one day build but it has never been so up to date. Okuto is however, named after its effect. When you get pierced by a thorn, whether you remove it or not, it bleeds, but after a while it closes then begins to swell and that is when the actual pain begins. There are so many types of Okuto e.g. Lango, Lacaro etc. Lacaro is the type that all should be able to see and be aware off because of their size and colour. If you are hit by it, you are possibly careless.