Monromolg: BAO

December 14, 2016

Can you imagine a time in history when we all had everything as a one ou(10)? The world was at one time easily made so e.g. governments, alliances, Geolocation, fingers and toes. Do you know there are ten lines insideeach of our hands? We could also say every five things in biome in total additionally are ten. We could also conclude thing we do not know in and on our bodies are bound into multiple of ten e.g. hair, nerves, cells, muscles, pours on our skins etc. These makes me solvent worthy asks our past design of things e.g. time in a day, days in a week, weeks, in a year etc. This are not science in all means but they are realistic creative nature of our planet earth(s) e.g Biome e.g. animals, plants, fishes etc and Abiotic e.g. feelings, thinking, energy etc. Really, the question we should all ask ourselves is, do we believe in the things we know or we factually had confirm them as truth?