December 6, 2016

Gadie of Huston was a supreme believer of himself-a man who knew no God but himself. He was the king of all gods of America. His home is originally from Palermo-a known city in southern Italy. Gadie was not unordinary individual, he was a kingpin knocking out all kingdoms of Holy God, put Italy as a America home of roman Italian emperor, and brought down the commoners. If there is award deserving for religion lost of faiths and believers it is from the book of king Gadie. A man so wired and short as a retarded homeless, king Gadie listen to no nonsense and make dents in the face of the fools. He made religion a prison and culture scared but made Italy so superior that every American felt foreigner in their own country. If there was god you wanna know, you might wanna think truthfully and run for the hills. Is there any system Gadie does not know and anything about him Americans can lie about to the world.