Lwuor Projects

November 20, 2016

Have you tempted to ask yourself how many projects we should run at same time? Truely you should however, we have them listed above but, they are ambiguous or very wide for all to group and simply understand. Two are running and we will keep on adding a few through out the years or decades to come. These two projects are going in to solve infrastructure, environment, transport and security. Their one extreme problem we might go into-Food security or Agriculture for easy understanding. How we set ourselves for the projects and how we do it really do matter. We don't want to return to our work and say, "What could we had done differently?". We would be exact same failed descendants of the past. We are different from the very beginning and we expect our different to outshine and guide us into our futures and build the next generations. Prepare for wild, hardest and toughest challenges and break throughs that are about to cause wonders, annoyance and outrage tour opponent. Our futures have not been clear and truely moving as has now than then felt with confusion, secrets, corruptions, I am the only, they are stupid, illiterate, deserve nothing and so on and on and on...

Prove: The harder you work; to more pain you take, amount of time it take to achieve indicates its disappearance.