Luo Language 2.0 - Names

July 8, 2016

HISTORICAL: Historical names are for both future and pasts. We need to remember what happened our lives not keeping them in our memory only but also have them in front of us to remind us of our future. They also are used as warning for the next people that will follow. Growth in human life circle is a process that goes through changes, takes time etc

  1. Women(MON)
    1. Anyaka(girl): Historically, it is believe that a person of a female gender yields on entry or when they reach adulthood. Anyaka is an a female adolescence an age between young and old. I don't really know what is nyak of them but I might have to visit the elders for inquiry on that one. In case you know just post a comment.
    2. Dako(Woman): In the old days, especially Kingdom times, women where less considered because when they reach this stage of life, they have a decision to make. Some history said that women made choices as far as moving to a man into enemy territory. When this happened, it creates fear because they are likely to expose your strength the enemy or an enemy can use her to acquire knowledge about your kingdom. Not only that, when the marriage do not work and they return home with children call Okeyo, they are likely to take over a kingdom. So, people prefer to have boys those days rather than woman because they dak away
  2. Man
    1. Awobi(boy): This is the age where a son starts hunting, gathering, copying doing of his parents. They also start start hunting for not only wild but also women and that is most time a night work. They are assumed to be around their parents working, afraid to be caught by others when the sun is up.
    2. Cuo/cwo(men): Men a naturally assumed to take care hence the responsibility of protection lies in their hand. They need to wake up early, often etc to guide their people, family, animals etc. They also need to wake up early to wake up the boys for their duties hence cwo today, tomorrow ... everyday.

CULTURAL: As we all know it, culture is how we set up our societies based on understanding of time. It can change, evolve or even transform to something else. There are things that are available to a culture only once or only in a particular society. They could be the most ultimate needs, lack of, quest for, luck or inquiry to something.

  1. OKENGY or OKENGYI/AYAA: This names are given because the children are considered luck. Imagine a situation where both family wants a boy(s) or girl(s), but the reality is they get only the opposite. But there comes a time when they have given up that hop and here comes one of their choice out off all that are available yet not needed.
  3. ADIE or ADYE: In Luo, to be a first or last child is a eminent, but risky because of lack of experience of parents to cater for their child, provide all necessary needs even afford them. The last child is always special because its like saying good bye and entry into new life style. In another way, that is the child who will take care of the parents because the rest would have become independent or the experience with them becomes horrible so now there is a change to teach this the reverse.

DESCRIPTIVE: This are names that tells an events or happening at certain time in a life circle of the parents, family, relatives etc.

  1. OYO/AYO: Directly in one word, this is called Travel. They are children born when the family is in the process of either relocating, traveling, fleeing etc from their home, country, continent etc to another and a that child is born.
  2. ALUM/OLUM: In English if he is a boy is call BUSH. This child is born a way from home during the time of hunting, farming etc.