Luo 2.0

May 13, 2016

Luo 2.0: East Africa braces towards integration and so is Africa. Luo 2.0 seeks to bring Luo government that represents the Luo people, friends and allies. Luo were involved in all kinds of transformation in East Africa from kingdoms time in 1900 and Independence time of East Africa in 1960s. As we mostly belong to the East African region within the East Africa community, their is need to help were we can and do what we can to stay at front of changes that comes with it. For this reasons, we will have a governing system that represents the Luo people's interests, concerns and needs and our governing system shall be a government that works with East African community and respected by all countries in East Africa, African and the world at large. The integration of East Africa is also the integration of Africa. People, businesses, cultures will merged to form a single body of their own. We need to set ourselves aside and prepare to lead and accept challenges of the century. We need to keep our allies happy and represented and also promote our culture, idea, language and assert our needs. We need to compete with our opposites and challenge ourselves to increase production, performance, and bring rapid changes where needs be.

Goal: Our goal is to form a single unit of Luo tribe culture, history, leadership, language, institutions etc and make sure we are represented in East African Community and Africa at large and maintain front for at least the next hundred or so years.

Likely problems: We are not the only large tribe with the best cultures in East Africa and Africa because there are some who are close or equal to us or greater than us. They too will not wait for us to accomplish all we need. They will unite with the others, feel intimidated, threaten by us therefore, atrocity because of rivalry, stiff competition and counters in section of our moves. That may slow us down or make us change direction.

strengths: We are very established people in all sections e.g. multiple political parties, strong cultural institutions, many schools from nursery to University, big businesses, powerful leaders and intelligent individuals, but all these are sparsely distributed across the region. mind you, other tribes still rely on support from others, have none of the above and are struggling in all sections.

Activities: There will be Luo parliament, Luo sports which will abstracted from Luo cultures, Luo cultural day, Luo conferences, Luo administrative center across whole region, etc.

Generation: Next generation will be Aluo(aluor, Alwuor, Alwo) and Oluo(Oluor, Olwuor, Olwo) generation. This will replace or better Ruod system which have been there for the last few centuries.