Luo 2.0 - Luo Government

May 14, 2016

Leadership is created from namely culture, politic, institutions, business, security and governance to form a system called government. Luo 2.0 will try to bring forth all leaderships from all sections under one governance. There will be cultural leadership whose leader remains Ruod; political leadership which will be lead by a political party; and Luo council and all other branches headed by the council. Leaders(president, prime minister, chancellor etc) will either be Ruod, leader of a political party, intelligent individual with leadership experience etc.

Elections: Leaders shall be elected by the council till full electoral infrastructure is found to allow all people to vote for their leader. Leaders are elected every three years or a set and agreed number of years. A leader has a maximum of six years to stay in power. They are however allowed to come back for an election if they have been out of office for at least three years. Elections year from now depends on people reception and reaction of the message. We assume that it will take as far as 2039 0r 2049 for a full government of East Africa in full Operation.

Parliament: There will be Luo parliaments in all countries in East Africa region. There shall be at least 3 member of parliament and a maximum of 9 from each tribe of the 19 tribes representing culture, Kal kwaro, etc. Members of parliament are chosen by their own tribes to represent their voice and their people. Regional parliaments will represents tribe(s) within a country or countries debating issues of their own to represent to the Luo government. The government head quarter shall be build at Luo head quarter.