LRA - Outlay

November 20, 2016

If in the last four years there is a sentence so resonance in luo is "starting thing from scratch is difficult" but we have done it often time and at least we could make it a legacy for current generation. Now we are about to enter a new yet distinct and autonomous task. Unlike Torit and Gulu airports, this is regional handling the world passengers, ingenuity, standard and class based on Philip Okelo dream, "Liquide will become central to African gateway".

Places of choice.

There are only two places we have consulted to suit this kind of development-Pangimur and Imotong. I personally favour Pangimur however I am inclined towards Imotong. Pangimur is my former place of origin because I am originally from Kitgum however, Imotong is my place of resident because I lived, grew up and owned land there meaning I don't have any in Kitgum at least for now. This places are so rugged it might send off foreign and qualified Engineers because it is risky and technically difficult however, if there a thing we cannot do then, now we have the technical capabilities, knowledge and have become expert of doing the impossible and trust me, the people I know coming are too.


There are two designs we would do for a start i.e. planes and the airport. All planes we know off today are designed for flat landing because they have super wide wings, heavy tails, high wheels and tubes designed breakable at stiff and sharp corners, undulations, rise and depth. Common airports have straight and lengthy run ways, openly visible from a distance and less maneuverabilities. For landing we are relying on technology visibility with a theory "technology sees father and tinier than our necked eyes" hence we don't have to see the airport to land, we just need a geoData to land. We are a lwuor and are Oyo solution driven hence, comes our airpot designs. How far we land to come to stop and take off really doesn't matter because we now know weight therefore, we can adjust our speed to correspond to it.

People involve

The president and all ministries, government departments, local leaders and people shall run the project because it is the project awarded in response to people demand with exception of few outsourced professionals who will come to solve the technical ingenuity and join hands with the local experts. We ask for the local population to play calm and cooperate as were in the first project we had. The first project was all over and so difficult to track and monitor however, the success has created immense trust and will create jobs, up bring experts, improve our living standard and could possibly knock off all records that had existed in East Africa because is corruption free, solution driven, people centred and futuristic and it was just the beginning.

Prove: If you locked people up, does it mean they won't fly?