Luo Defense system

October 7, 2016

Luo in general are capable to handle their security and had done so from their very beginning. Spears, Shields, Nets, Leke(batul), Bows, arrows, Abucela(Listic) and Ochokobo are our weapons of defence. Planes, guns(broomsticks), bombs, nuke had never been and will never bee part of our defence system in the future but any one of our neighbour or enemy known or temper with that is our current and next battle. The line is clear and had been drawn therefore, we should all be clear about it and make sure it official by all means. Transposing and double doors will have extreme consequences and so we must know that that is in their minds. The advantage is that we all have poor competition, pure lives, formidable cultures and directly and indirectly have won't have fight and wars.