July 16, 2016

This workaholic are more interesting to look at than any other creature you can think of. Work is organised according to age and rank in the colony. The queen is he center piece of all work and that is where work begins. King or kings surround her then their comes the nyindo, libulu. The ongak work are to build, protect, and open ways for the Ngwen to fly during flying season. Libulu are road

Alwiri/Got bye

constructors, ironmongers, and they cooled the room. Bwe(biye) is built both ways, up and down nearly same height both ways because soil used on top is taken from down. As they continue to build, they make sure their is food, water, total control of opposition. Their eminent opposition is anything new and that is not part of them. Doesn't matter what. Just pick a piece of stone, grass etc and throw on their way, they will immediately surround it and try to fight it. No respond means not a problem but still have to be moved out of the way of alternative rout is created around it. If there is response their needs a call for more reinforcement to battle it out. The so call Cangi never and will never want a defeat because that means the queen(min ngwen), king, libulu, and their work is getting destroyed and that spells the end of them. To make sure their work goes according to plan, they start from where the queen is then keep going outside majestically until they grow big enough to create another colony out of them. When they run out of resources, they moved to new location leaving the hill vacant but moving the queens and kings with them. They are most time calm and do not attack but can viciously respond if attack. The hill normally becomes home to the lazies like Nyikito, Anyeri, snakes, rats etc. Eventually that are not the group that knows how to work on such structure, they will

create more harm to it. Rain will keep washing it till it varnished except another colony comes in. Need I remind you though that nyikic, Ojang, Alur etc too do make that their home. They are at least will take care of it in certain ways.