Ling Ling

April 22, 2016

You may have different or many rules or versions of rules of bowling. This is how we bowl. Bowling is a game for people from 2 and onwards.

Clean:This game is mostly played on grass and sand for this reasons, the person to be hit put their rules for you to follow, but you have the right to counter them.

clean ma leng: This just means make my bowl be seen because it could be in sand or grass. If it is in grass, you shake the grass to see if the bowl moves. If it does the person's with the bowl to be hit have a problem because if you hit the grass it means it will shake the bowl and you have eliminated one person or the whole team. The owner of the bowl extends the rule by

clean ma leng pilipili(pure clean): Now here you may have to NDELO (to the surface). Most people NGWAR (try) from here to see if they will make it. This is because some just seems like you cannot make man. You just need to up your man a little because then you are ready for loosing by worrying. You have one chance in this game my man.

clean ma leng change dok(return): This comes mostly from the person whose chance is to play. Its like second chance of death. It means, if I miss it from here, am going back to my original position because if I can miss your from there then you can also miss me there( seems like position problems).

Guard: This means drawing line around the bowl. You are allowed to draw a 360 degrees line around the bowl, but the distance from your current position to the bowl should be same to the original. This is from the player's side

Line: If the played person realize exposer to getting knock out, they will counter you with

No line: so you are not able to see them.

peak(hit Hard): this is so because you are too close or a bit far to the bowl. So close that when you bend, you are away from the bowl.

peak ma tek (hit it hard): So that you cannot control your speed.

peakk ma tek wing wing (hit it real hard): even tighten further by this rule. when you take your hand that far and bringing it closer don't you think you missed the bowl? when you miss here(guys) Ombute is on its way, but when you get it of course it is a Tingit(target)

Kaduch: This is from the player or played mostly when the position is too close. You just roll it ndok ndok (confident slow) because you are surely aware its going to knock it or you do so to make sure when you miss you are a little distant from them to make sure they don't get to hit you that easy.

Ofu: is the final and worse of all. In or out and you are taking it our you or all of you are heading for a lost. And here there is no counter. That is the whole rule. Just make it happen.