LENDU 2-Stop ignorance

December 4, 2016

President and founder of Federal African Government

Lendu is one of the finest tribes in Bungui state of Africa bordering Bidude, Liquadi, Tanzania, Burundi, Lowa, CAR and DRC. Lendu are few in number however, they are super pro Luo for this reason, they continue to work with us and so are we backing each others. Luo do not deviate from their society because anyone who do gets social isolation and falls against rules of the community. We survived over and again because of the strength of each and so we will continue to do so. There were many of them who failed over the millenniums because they refuse to read-the Governing rules and guides of their time hence they entered situation and bearable and could lead to end of them however, we have kach(vamesh)-cultural meditation. Looking and being present in both our pasts and future at current time.

We all remember when General Okello of Southern Luo knocked off the Arabs and uplifted Western Luo to the throne; we all remember when same Southern Luo were helped by western Luo Knock off Ateker and installed Abantu; We all remember when we reminded Western Luo they are failing us and broke their unification with the Abuntu and brought in Ateker-our ancient alliance. Do not forget my people those things are real and happened and they are not just words but they represent us and our people. Respect, Obey, Follow and be a formidable Luo so shall we withstand all conditions and out time problems and stay together. We are forever Luo and there shall be no one to stop that. Lets do it!