languages fictionalised

February 5, 2016

Two Kenyan(kioni and Otieno) were involved in a deep conversations. The topic changed abruptly. "Did you ever talk to any of your X girl friend?", kioni asked Otieno. "No. Because I might have a Y problem", he replied. "why?", she insisted in knowing. "Yes Y. You see in most cases in our lives, we either get both or one of them", he replied. "you see, when we have XY problems then it is such a beautiful thing that we can walk think about them, dream about them, reason about them or sometime we get smiles that lift our days because we get things to reason out and failure to think about", he lovely talked her. She turned to to him and said, "Wow, that is so sweet to here from you". "Don't be glued to such things kioni", Otieno cautioned her.