September 5, 2016

Business Maturity: Ever wonder why some businesses do not break though and others do? Or may be let us put it this way, what contribute to a business success? There are factors that encourages doing business e.g. constant flow of energy to doing what we or you or them do; introducing completely new logic of what already exist; accumulative resources; proper use of what is available at hand; enjoying doing what you do(hobbies). Unsuccessful businesses are destructible at any stage of their growth; unclear reasons particular because it makes a person popular, it is the talk of the town, into it for survival etc. Tasks(amount of work or things working on at one time) do not count because you still needs clear vision, goals and lots of reasons for doing it or them.

Sales: A real and true business does not need money i.e. cash. First, you need to differentiate products from businesses. Products are what we produce because we think that can solve problems or contribute to our societies. Business is however, are the ideas and reasons why we do them. We do not sell business although other people try to make business their product it could be because they want to move, change their reason and think another person could do that rather them wast it or just age cut them off.

Ladder: You need a strong warning here that animal, reptiles, insects(webs etc), minerals or plants defend their skins because it is the only thing that they owned. They defend anyone from taking at for the legged and takes a while for the plants to grow and know what ones brings in products. Ladder can make you busy for generations to come and can make you solve centuries of problems. When we walk, we need to look good to and have standard; when we speed is high we need to prevent ourselves from accidents; when have seats we need them there for at least a year or so; we carry things we do not the others to see, it gets torn apart etc those are problems that make us produce preventable products to help us prolong our lives or have a better life.

Conclusion: At the end of it all, who need a business because others have family that have everything you can ask for others are vulnerable, others are disabled and the rest lives under the rules of others - a rule that is build to contain them not help out when their is need or problems come.