kwan original

July 15, 2016

One day was really a busy day that a father asked his son called Oyira. "can you add how many of those stuff we have to today", he asked Oyira. "Addi baba", he replied. Before the conversation finished, Oyira mum was getting disturbed by birds on a nearby maize they planted. "Oyira!!!", she called him. "Cel mono winyi gu do Latin", she added. "Acel ki ngo", she replied. The Oyira dad was getting annoyed because he wasn't getting any response from him because he was locked up with his mum. "Iriyo lok keket", dad told oyira mum. "idek ni pe Aor Oyira che", she politely responded. "kom doki raaa ojoneee!", he madly went. The conversion for that day concluded and they all went to sleep. Oyira was the first to wake up and he show a lot of things flying around their compound. "gin adi?", they replied. Dad got out and show them. "gi tye ka ngwene, ngwane kwe", he replied. Somehow they where late that day. Most people in the village had hunted for it. When they heard what the family of Oyira described it, everyone in the village decided we call it ngwen. Every day people we wake up late always gets lest and lest in their container. When oyira heard that he said, "mum abico cion tomorrow". "eno, winyi gu odwoko, bicel mono gin bota", she told Oyira. "Abicel?", he questioned his mum. "Abicello", he added. Wuon Oyira wanted Oyira but their communication with mum kept on going. He was standing and waiting for them to finish. "Wuon Oyira, Ngo ibiro wangi!", she asked. "Abiro wanga ko do min Oyira", he kindly replied. "Ma iyabo wangi ne callo boro", she told him. "ingeyo, kadi akuru/akuro wun pudi/podi atye ka tamo pe ngwen me/mi lawuoro ni", he recalled. Then the next morning, Oyira waked up so early. His parents was looking for him everywhere but could not find him. Then suddenly he came running. "baba, baba, mama", he called them while entering their house. "ngo atin", they worryingly replied."gin me lawuoro ni", he replied. "gi kati ki boro", he added. "gi dwong?", they questioned. "ndoki paaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr", he replied.

Everyday after that they made a joke out of it. They had that slang and whenever they want to talk they use the incident to talk. Below is how they formulated it

Oyira: acel winyi

Wuon Oyira: Ario koni

Min Oyira: Adek loki ne, ka pe akwero

Oyira: angwen keken kubeko

Wuon oyira: Abic keken. Tuora in

Oyira: Abiro wanga koni to

Min Oyira: Aboro keken; weng ki boro acel

Wuon Oyira: Abongwen. Bong gin ka pudi gi tye i boro

Oyira: Apar. Doki par ojonee.

Can you make a game and make it into one word each time your name is called. You are also allowed to call two words next time the game begins and so on. When you fail, say EL, SEL, KEL, TEL, ... after it.