April 9, 2016

Kuyere(peer) has many forms, definitions, sections and meanings because it is a thing that we do because we get evolve through such things and becomes it. If Kuyere means Learning, then, it is a learning of class of people of different or same age and gender. It could on the other hand explained passing of knowledge from one generation to the next normally elder to younger, educated to uneducated and the like. Kuyere is preferably good because knowledge pass on and retain. It also sets foundation for future generations. Experiences and skills learned may be used in future. Learning is also easy because information passed are raw, consumable and easy to translate and relate since age is almost same or same generation of people. It is also advantages to parents because rules are passed to children and their acceptance to it is immedaitly noticed.

Kuyere is also bad because children learn bad characters, ideas and get to do them as they are not supervised by elders during those time.