July 14, 2016

Culture: Luo in general over the years had tried and changed their cultural differences from the rest of the tribes and the reverse is true too. It all started from skin, hair, nails etc. People also tried to get outside of kido to ngweko kom. They used pala and in late 1980s to date(Unassumingly) they used a tree call Odeng. It just make lips yellowish or brownish whatever comes on your side. Its change their kedo and mostly young girls really do like it. I am glade I involve in the process mostly getting it when it gets higher. That now needs a boy to clime to bring it down to them. Their descriptions of it just literally made some boys try it, but of course it was and is not worth a try because you will go through some of your worst days in life. Other people especially matured woman prefer to use mo ya. The difference is that mo ya is used for dry mouth and it help heal and clear off the cracks. Use it, wipe it and that's it.

Art: The art of Luo is mostly done during Christmas season(s) - December in particular. They draw, design walls in different shapes, colours, and some times they do emulate others creatures like birds, animals, fishes etc. This is called ngweko or ngwek, but the picture is call kido but of course implying the commons e.g. lakido, kido ne etc.