February 20, 2016

Jacksonic: Attention ladies and gentlement, Let me address you a technical point, but do not enter a heated discussion about it. When walking, a woman was standing by water with her dog. She threw a tennis ball into water her dog ran to collect it. I looked at her face, turned around and walked away. I saw one standing up hill, she got so angry and she walked away 2. I didn't know what was happening. Then, I got two men dismantling shades were they had been watching movies since the 7/1/2015. They all said LAST WEEK. Ok! but what about it? May be because of what we were discussing LAST WEEK. I continued on with my walk. Another girl came facing me I looked at her same way I did to the other, in return, she looked at me so hard, but I continued on with my walk. There came another running behind me. I told my self its better to make a U turn. I meet 3 men dressed in Blue suites and one woman dressed in a Blue long dress. I was like uu uu uuu. Now they are saying they are professionals. As that wasn't yet cleared of my mind another girl came walking facing me. I said hello to her, she lifted up her head and closed her eyes. mmmm!! and she went completely quite. I was like Man!!! she can't see me now? I was like hang on? Is this how white people come to our country? How can you not see were you are going? Just put an Anker you will stop to wait until you can see then continue on with your journey. But let me tell you, I was totally fired up freak! we would have made a MURKAP(board) to cross from my village to yours. Embrace yourselves folks. Feels like Jacksonic world already and I just want you(Pastor) to know that we both knew each other well before just didn't think this way. Well, am just olungtuke now.