October 8, 2016

Humanity live dead and alive in a mode that is either minimal or maximum. Live is short; live however, exists in number of ways based on years it develop in size. Small bodied living lives have a life cycle ending physically earlier than big bodied. All living lives big or small have possibility to reproduce several lives.

Inside: We live our lives on energies we gained from foods we eat. It is a bad idea to think to get fat because the bigger you are in size the lengthier your life and making fat body size stronger creates strong muscles extending personal lifespan. Gaining weight after gaining control of a fat body is a step to enhance life.

Outside: Hot temperature makes us sweat while cold temperature brings burble bodies(Ndulo), however, humid temperature is humanly toxic because that makes our body doubts and have confused reaction. Humid temperature is a real danger to humanity while switching between cold and hot balances our the living lives.

Around: Anything living thing owned a piece of our world by contributing and symbions to own or give. Kill a bird, reptile, etc sufle inside a dry living tree lives comes off that.

Conclusion: Livings live is living dead alive and so is their reverse.