History of power

March 7, 2017

Wood and grass

In our primitive times wood proves a very viable source of power for cooking, heating, lighting etc. Wood is also free and abundant if you grow as much as you use. In many cases consumption is higher and woods had been destroyed and some societies trigger migration to more wood areas. Which then meets aggression from other tribes and societies because of a large area is cleared off then the number of people needing wood becomes high hence the chaos.


The second level of power was charcoal. Human discovered that it was at least good to use charcoal as a power source because it is less smokey and burns slowly and at least is clean compared to wood. The negative of charcoal is how much wood it takes to produce charcoal. This reduces great amount of woods and increased land degradation. Later charcoal became commercialized in this few will have access and less strain is put on land and woods. It also lead to some innovation e.g. charcoal stoves. In other countries the second level of charcoal stoves use solar power, stones and gas which are far much profitable and those who can afford use them as an alternative to cooker etc.


Coal was a big step taken by humanity to enhance power. Coal came at the time of revolution in industries e.g. trains, factories and the need to supply power within places. This also introduces power lines and the needs for people to get power in their homes, businesses and industries. Coal was not only a business but also the inclusion of restriction e.g. policies to help guide, secure and improve quality of work. It was also because it was big meaning it was now affecting many lives.


Turbine was another innovation human had to improve power. It was said at the time electricity would improved world wide and access will become abundant because judging by it, water which produces power was so many hence it is everywhere and all people have access to it. To add to, they also at the time concluded, it is cheap and viable. This was a step forward in power. At least it was by 20% true because hydro electricity took off globally but it was not enough source for everyone because water sources were volatile and the amount of watts it produce is low.


Renewable energy has brought in another different logic and conversation. Wind is free and it is available at night and at day hence trapping it to produce electricity will not hard our climate while increase our electricity access. Wind is renewable so it is not aimed at global population but Industrialized countries and areas from adding carbon and affecting environment. Wind has gradually increased its access to all areas because the original reasons of reducing toxic from environment was more enough hence the world embrace it and it has gone world wide. There are now more than one renewable energy sources but all are now solving both industrialized and developing world power sources.

In conclusion power use increases hence sources of power production will increase. To supply all people, human is going to need more than one source and individual intellect to create. Improvement in societal activities factories, business, modern home increases use of power and if power supply is not increase, there will blackout, high prices and reduction in development.